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“We treat everyone like family!”

At MD Automotive Inc., we treat everyone like family!

Transmission Repairs

MD Automotive Inc. provides complete diagnosis of the transmission differential. Your transmission differential is very complex. Read more >>

Auto Repair

In addition to transmission repairs, MD Automotive Inc. provides a full range of automotive repairs. If you need a brake job.. Read more >>

Car Diagnostics

Cars of today have many electrical components. When electrical sensors or components fail, your car may have a variety of issues that may appear as.. Read more >>

MD Automotive Inc. provides transmission diagnosis and repair for both manual and automatic transmissions. Many transmission problems start small and then develop into full-blown issues.

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If you suspect that your car is experiencing some transmission problems, stop in at our Longmont, CO shop for a complete diagnosis. We will provide you with a free estimate.
Zach’s Transmission & 4×4 started as a one-man shop and has evolved into a 5000 square foot facility. This is because we provide high quality transmission service to our customers. In addition to transmission repairs, we also provide auto repairs and car diagnostics beyond the transmission.

We employ a six-person team of certified technicians who are skilled in all aspects of car repair. We will handle any job from manual clutch repairs and service to custom 4×4 transmission repairs. We will also provide service for commercial fleets.

If your car begins to emit a knocking sound, you may have a problem with the car’s driveshaft. If your car vibrates at higher speeds, your driveshaft may be out of balance. Zach’s Transmission & 4×4 will be able to quickly diagnose your issue and provide you with an estimate for the repairs. If you have a developing issue with your car’s transmission, don’t wait to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. Something that may be a minor repair may eventually develop into a costly major repair job. In addition to transmission services, we provide: – Electrical system diagnosis and repair

  • Differential service
  • Manual flywheel resurfacing
  • CV joint packing
  • Rebuilding and replacing CV axles
  • Standard clutch replacement for manual transmissions
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Cooling and heating system repairs
  • Complete brake services

FREE Initial Diagnosis!

Remember, what may be a minor repair today may develop into a major repair if left unchecked. Bring your car into Zach’s Transmission & 4×4 for a diagnostic.
At Zach’s Transmission & 4×4, we are equipped to rebuild your automatic or manual transmission. For complete auto care, call (303) 776-8885 or stop by Zach’s Transmission & 4×4. You can trust Zach’s Transmission & 4×4 to provide you with high quality car diagnostics and auto repair services. Give us a call if you have any questions about services we perform or about our shop. We look forward to serving you.