About us

MD Automotive Inc. is a full service transmission shop serving the greater Longmont, CO area. We started out years ago as just a one-man operation. We have grown into a large shop, over 5000 square feet, with six qualified transmission technicians on staff. We are equipped to handle any transmission issue. In addition to prompt and exemplary transmission service, we also provide car diagnostics and auto repairs.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, which is why we offer free towing and shuttle service while your car is in our shop for repairs. We will also diagnose your car free of charge and provide you with a free estimate prior to any repairs.

We will quickly diagnose your transmission and if the car requires only minor repairs, we will tell you. We pride ourselves in providing customer-centric service because we care about our customers. Check out the testimonials from our satisfied customers. You will quickly see why our transmission service is among the highest rated in the area.

Whether you need a simple brake job or a complete rebuild of your transmission, we will ensure a competitive price on all work we perform. If you believe your car’s transmission may need some attention, call us to schedule a time for your free estimate.

If you see a leak under your car that is larger than a softball, call MD Automotive Inc. before you drive the car. Transmission fluid is essential to keep your transmission operating properly. If you drive the car without transmission fluid, you will likely damage the transmission further. Call MD Automotive Inc. at (303) 776-9995 and we will tow your vehicle. Have your car’s transmission diagnosed before any further damage is done. If we are able to catch a leak early, we may be able to save you from a costly transmission repair.

In addition to auto services for personal cars, we also provide fleet service and service for commercial vehicles. Call our shop at (303) 776-9995 for details. We look forward to serving you!