Auto Repair

In addition to transmission repairs, MD Automotive Inc. provides a full range of automotive repairs. If you need a brake job, electrical repairs, or repairs to your heating and cooling system, call MD Automotive Inc. at (303) 776-9995.

Examples of the car repairs that we perform at MD Automotive Inc. include:

– Standard clutch replacement for manual transmissions
– Vehicle inspections
– Cooling and heating system repairs
– Complete brake services
– Electrical system diagnosis and repair
– Differential service
– Manual flywheel resurfacing
– CV joint packing
– Rebuilding and replacing CV axles

MD Automotive Inc. offers free local towing and nationwide warranties. To schedule an appointment for your auto repairs, call (303) 776-9995. If you are having problems with your car but you are not sure of the exact problem, no problem! We provide car diagnostics and we will be able to determine the cause of your issue. Call today!