Transmission Repairs

MD Automotive Inc. provides complete diagnosis of the transmission differential. Your transmission differential is very complex. However, MD Automotive Inc. has the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the exact problem.

Because today’s automobiles have fully integrated computer systems, what may seem like a major problem may simply be an issue with your car’s computer system or one of the many sensors. Schedule an appointment with MD Automotive Inc. so that we may determine the cause of the issues you are experiencing with your vehicle.

If your car will not go into gear and you find that you cannot move the car, this does not necessarily mean that your transmission needs to be overhauled. With the complex electronics all working together to make your vehicle move, you simply may have an electrical problem. Don’t hesitate to call MD Automotive Inc. at (303) 776-9995 to have your car towed. We will tow your car for free and provide you with a free diagnostic and estimate.

If we discover that your transmission does need an overhaul or replacement, MD Automotive Inc. will provide you with the most competitive price possible for the job. MD Automotive Inc. will also supply you with a warranty for the work that is good nationwide.

Don’t forget that MD Automotive Inc. also performs all types of automotive repairs and car diagnostics. We specialize in transmission repairs and service, but we also provide a full range of other services.

Call MD Automotive Inc. at (303) 776-9995 for more information.